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Esper Satellite Imagery and KorrAI announce strategic partnership for commercialising hyperspectral imagery for the mining sector

Posted by Shoaib IqbalThursday, 10 Nov '22~2 min read

KorrAI Mining

Esper Satellite Imagery and Agralogics partner to deliver an earth-scale hyperspectral data pipeline for the global food & agriculture industry

Posted by Shoaib IqbalWednesday, 02 Nov '22~3 min read

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Blue Sky Analytics Kicks off Data Partnership with Esper Satellite Imagery to Develop Monitoring Infrastructure for the Carbon Markets.

Posted by Shoaib IqbalSunday, 16 Oct '22~3 min read

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Esper Satellite Imagery partners with SkyWatch to deliver next-gen climate data

Posted by Shoaib IqbalWednesday, 21 Sep '22~1 min read

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Announcing ‘Over The Rainbow’: The First Australian Earth Observation Mission

Posted by Shoaib IqbalTuesday, 20 Sep '22~1 min read

Esper Satellite Imagery, Spiral Blue, and Dandelions secure funding from the Advanced Manufacturing and Growth Centre to launch next-gen hyperspectral sensors for earth observation.

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