The Esper Technology

ESPER Over the Rainbow

At Esper, we are developing industry-leading satellite technology with hyperspectral-capable payloads.

Making the most of the onboard volume of our small satellites with a proprietary sensor, our hyperspectral imagers can capture light across a much wider spectral range and at a higher spatial resolution than its outdated predecessors.

Capturing hundreds of wavelengths of light for any given area, these extensive data points provide high-quality data on material signatures of the objects we image. When analysed, hyperspectral data reveals detailed information about what is invisible to the naked eye - from chemical compositions of materials, to plant health, to the subterranean location of ores and minerals.

With years of multidisciplinary software and hardware development, partnerships with industry leaders, analytics firms, and satellite companies, as well as aerial tests and satellite launches underway, our full 18-satellite constellation will capture and deliver daily hyperspectral data from orbit to earth.

Esper Satellite Imagery – launching toward a more efficient, sustainable future for global industrial production.

Esper Specs:



Spectral Range

400nm to 2000nm

Spectral Resolution


Spatial Resolution