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Esper Satellite Imagery is cutting costs with cutting-edge technology, capturing the most advanced imagery in the universe to deliver data-driven industrial efficiency on a global scale.

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Because we believe sustainability shouldn’t have to come at a cost,
and not becoming sustainable could cost us the world.

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Capturing and creating a more sustainable future for earth, from space.


A global constellation of some of the world’s smallest, most advanced and affordable satellites equipped with Esper’s hyperspectral-capable payloads.


Hyperspectral imagers in orbit, collecting detailed data about our earth across a wider spectral range and in a higher spatial resolution than standard satellites.


Detailed information about our earth delivered daily to industry leaders to increase efficiency of production – cutting down costs of production while minimising environmental impacts.

See the world as you’ve never seen it before with
Esper’s hyperspectral imagery.

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Global data, universal applications.

Esper’s satellite imagers can measure the most minute parts of our planet – from testing water quality and plant health for fruitful farming, to locating underground ore deposits for more mindful mining, to tracking the effects of climate change for future generations. Hover to uncover the possibilities!

The most advanced imagery in the universe is here.

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To infinity and beyond.

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